• To post an assignment, first create a name for your assignment, and describe in detail the nature of your assignment (exactly what your teacher is asking or what you want the tutor to do/help you with). You can also upload files to better describe the assignment if you wish. Then choose a category under which your assignment falls, and pick out skills needed by a tutor to carry out this work. Lastly, enter the amount you are willing to pay to have help on this assignment, and the date that it must be completed by (highly recommended that this is at least a couple days before it must be turned in to your professor). Tutors with matching skill sets will be notified of your posting, so simply wait for them to bid on your assignment!

  • Once your assignment is posted, it will be open for other students to bid on. This means that other students that are looking for a job can show interest in working on your assignment by describing to you how they will accomplish the work, showing you their skills/credentials, and placing a bid price of how much they are willing to do it for (this can be higher or lower than your budgeted price). You will then be able to look at the profiles of all the bidders, paying close attention to their reviews, skills, and number of previous jobs they've done. **It is highly recommended that you do not simply choose the bidder with the lowest price, but instead choose one that you can trust will do a good job** During this process of choosing a tutor, you will also have the option of messaging them to have a more in detail look to see if they're the right fit for you.

    When you feel you have found the one, you can select the tutor. This closes the bidding on your assignment and seals the selected tutor to your assignment. The tutor will place milestones for payment depending on the length of the assignment (short assignments will usually just be done in a single milestone or one lump payment. Longer assignments could have more, allowing the tutor to be paid in increments over time). You then fund the agreed upon amount to the website's secure Escrow account where it will be held until you are satisfied with the work/help, then transferred to the tutor upon approval. This process allows for mutual trust between parties.

  • At this point, you have already posted your job and selected your tutor. Now you can communicate with the tutor through the built-in messaging system, discussing assignment details, deadlines and transferring ideas or information. Consider this the helping stage, where all the work gets done. All messaging can be saved in case problems arise between client and tutor.

  • This is the final stage in the entire process. Any files that the tutor submits to you will go through anti-plagiarism software to verify that it has not been copied from anywhere else on the web. Files will not be able to be submitted until they are approved by this software. Once files are received and downloaded, they will be encrypted on the site for future security. The files legally become your property. After files are reviewed and approved or if you are satisfied with the help provided to you by the tutor, you will be asked to release the payment out of the Escrow account. The final step in this process is to give the tutor a review based on the work and experience he or she provided you. This will help future students looking to receive help from this tutor! Thank You for using ClassGod!